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June 2011

The link between sleep disorders and Parkinson’s disease

We know that sleep disorders have many consequences. Unfortunately it looks as though we might be able to add another one to the list: Parkinson's disease. A recent study found the incidence of Parkinson's disease to be as high as 65% in those suffering from rapid eye movement sleep behavioral [...]

A week in the life of an insomniac

A week ago, we asked a member of our private insomnia help community to keep a sleep diary for a week so that we could share the challenges insomnia sufferers have to deal with. We include it below. To all insomniacs: let this remind you that you are not alone. [...]

The destructive effect of insomnia

Insomnia Land has two missions. First, we want to offer genuine support and advice to insomnia sufferers. Second, we want to bring more attention to insomnia and help people understand what insomnia really is. On the latter point, today we want to share an article with you about how insomnia [...]

Could the fruit fly cure your sleep disorder?

Hot on the heels of yesterday's post about how a woman's circadian rhythm can affect her sleep, I've just found out about a new study that found mutating one amino acid in a single protein changed the circadian rhythm of the common fruit fly. By mutating the amino acid, researchers [...]

The reason why women are more likely to suffer from sleep maintenance insomnia

We already know that women are more susceptible to insomnia than men, whether that's down to alcohol, PMS, menopause or just being smarter. Now a new study has found a difference in the way women's bodies work which could affect sleep. Apparently, the circadian rhythm runs faster in women which [...]

Fight your insomnia with these magnesium rich foods

I've already written about the link between magnesium deficiency and insomnia - particularly for those also suffering from restless leg syndrome. It's quite concerning therefore, to read about a Gallup poll that found magnesium consumption decreases as we age - apparently, 79% of adults over the age of 55 are [...]