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Bedroom feng shui tips for improving your sleep

We recently came across an article that outlined the very best bed placement for those suffering from insomnia and sleep deprivation (and this time you won't need a compass)!

If any of the following describe your bed's position, you may want to consider making a change:

  • Your feet point directly out the door
  • Your bed backs up against a bathroom wall
  • Your bed is against the same wall as your front door
  • Your bed is under a fan or chandelier

Two more tips for enhancing bedroom feng shui include avoiding bright red or loud bedsheets and removing anything you have stored under or over the bed.

We'd never suggest that simply rearranging your bedroom will cure your insomnia, but anything that may help could be worth a try!

Source: The Tao of Dana

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Last updated: July 3, 2012

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