5 ideal evening snacks for insomniacs

by Martin Reed on 28 August 2013 in insomnia cures

If you're peckish late at night, it's important you don't end up eating foods that will keep you awake.

Although eating just before bed is best avoided, if you absolutely have to eat something, the five best snacks are:

1. Cheese and crackers
2. A slice of wholegrain toast with a slice of cheese
3. A banana with a teaspoon of peanut butter
4. A bowl of wholegrain cereal with milk
5. A piece of fruit with yogurt

The reason why these are such great nighttime snacks is down to the fact they all combine carbohydrates with calcium or tryptophan.

Calcium and tryptophan boost serotonin which makes us feel calm and helps induce sleep.

Even though these are good late-night snacks, you should only indulge at least an hour before you plan on going to bed.

Source: Fox News

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