Computers and phones can cause insomnia and leg pain in children

by Martin Reed on 29 December 2010 in insomnia causes

We've already mentioned that text messaging may cause insomnia in children. Now, data presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians argues that the use of any communication technology among children and adolescents is associated with insomnia, excessive movements and leg pain during the night.

Daytime consequences included higher rates of cognitive/mood problems such as ADHD, anxiety, depression and learning difficulties.

Forty students aged 8 to 22 years old were asked to complete a questionnaire on their sleep habits. 77.5% said they had difficulty falling asleep. The average student was woken up by electronic media once each night with an average of 33.5 texts or emails being sent/received each night.

Perhaps even more reason why we should be removing technology from our children's bedrooms.

Source: DoctorsLounge

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A. Marina Fournier December 29, 2010 at 9:34 pm

The PopCap guy who contacted me about trying out Bejeweled3, only on computers at this time, hasn’t commented on the fact that I said I don’t take my computer to bed with me.

My iPhone goes dark after a few minutes, but it’s my alarm clock (with less light output than most clocks). I don’t think my son texts at night after bedtime, any more than I do. I text with darn few folk, and don’t do financial/serious business on my cell phone: I don’t give the number out save to friends or those who need to reach me in transit.

My alarm sounds are tunes, and they are hardly ever jarring (afternoon ones may be) in the morning.


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