Cure insomnia by altering your mind

by Martin Reed on 2 December 2009 in insomnia cures

We recently read this article about holistic stress reducing remedies that mentioned a herb that may be beneficial for insomnia sufferers:

Kava Kava - Used for fatigue, anxiety, stress and insomnia, this herb is calming, leads to an overall sense of well-being, clear thinking and relaxation of muscles. Resulting sleep is restful, often dream-filled, and there are no groggy after-effects the following day. 100mg three times per day has been found to relieve anxiety in a German study. Over-consumption leads to intoxication, so be careful with this stuff.

After doing a bit of research we decided that alcohol may be a better alternative. It can be more social and it's probably cheaper, too - unless you have expensive taste.

On a more serious note, once again we see the assumption that insomnia is a symptom of fatigue, anxiety and stress. Although that may well be the case for some (if not most) people, we don't like blanket assumptions.

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