For women, insomnia is a side effect of using their brain more than men

by Martin Reed on 9 February 2010 in insomnia causes

A couple of weeks ago, we asked if insomnia was sexist. Now we know that not only are women more susceptible to insomnia than men, apparently women need 20 minutes more sleep than the average man.

The reason for this? Apparently because women tend to multi-task, they use more of their brain than men do. This comes at a cost - as a woman's brain consequently needs more time asleep to recover.

You can read more about this over at Mail Online. The article goes into a lot more detail as to why insomnia appears to be more prevalent in women than in men and shares a lot of statistics comparing sleep in men and women.

We want to ask our female readers a few questions. Is using more of your brain worth the added sleep requirement? Do you think that women are more susceptible to insomnia than men? If so, why? Is it really down to 'brain multi-tasking'?!

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