How seniors can improve their sleep and emotional well-being without pills

by Martin Reed on 22 October 2012 in insomnia cures

We already know that yoga can improve sleep.

Now a new study has found that yoga is particularly helpful when it comes to reducing insomnia and improving sleep in seniors.

The Australian study involved 74 Israelis aged between 60 and 87. It found that those who practiced yoga for at least 25 minutes every day over the course of twelve weeks saw improvements in the quality of their sleep as well as their emotional and psychological health.

The yoga program in question involved two classes of meditative and physical yoga each week, alongside daily home practice with the help of a CD prepared by researchers.

The biggest benefits were seen in those who practiced mediative yoga at home the most frequently. These individuals saw the biggest improvements in their sleep as well as improvements in levels of stress, anxiety and even depression.

The author of this latest study argues that insomnia is a major cause of death in the elderly.

Amazingly, it would appear that this risk can be mitigated to some extent by simply practicing yoga on a regular basis.

Source: The Age

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