Insomnia increases your risk of stroke and heart attack

by Martin Reed on 9 January 2013 in insomnia information

Insomnia can cause a number of serious health issues - including strokes, heart disease and even heart attacks.

I recently came across yet another study that backs this up.

Researchers in Taiwan looked at more than 43,000 individuals over the age of 45 over the course of four years. Almost 11,000 of these individuals suffered from insomnia.

The study found that those with insomnia were almost twice as likely to experience a stroke and more than twice as likely to suffer from a heart attack compared to those with healthy sleep patterns.

As for the reason why a lack of sleep should have such a dramatic effect on heart health, researchers aren't entirely sure.

It's thought that insomnia may make the body's 'fight or flight' system more active, leading to an increased overall heart rate and higher blood pressure over time - which then raises the risk of heart disease.

Either way, this is yet more evidence that insomnia isn't something to be ignored.

Source: American Heart Association (scroll down the page)

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