Insomnia relief: Reading is good (but not when you’re in bed)

by Martin Reed on 20 December 2009 in insomnia causes

Reading is often included in the list of 'relaxing activities' recommended to insomnia sufferers before bedtime. But hold your horses - you need make sure you're doing the right kind of reading!

Yes, apparently reading is good - as long as you aren't reading in bed. Apparently, as soon as you start reading in bed, you are associating your bed with an activity other than sleeping. Apparently, associating the bed with sleep and sex is good, anything else is bad - no matter how relaxing it might be.

We have to admit, most of the time we hear from people who tell us reading in bed helps them get off to sleep. So, once again we want to hear from you - does reading before bed help you sleep? More importantly, though - where do you do your bedtime reading?

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