Insomniacs more likely to suffer from PTSD and depression

by Martin Reed on 18 September 2013 in insomnia causes,insomnia information

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there's a strong link between sleep disorders and combat. Now a new study suggests that a history of insomnia increases the risk for post-traumatic stress disorder and depression in combat veterans.

The research out of the University of Pennsylvania and the Naval Health Research Center in San Diego found that those who reported symptoms of insomnia before their deployment were twice as likely to experience PTSD and four times more likely to suffer from depression.

Although the horror of war was still found to be the leading cause of PTSD and depression among troops, insomnia wasn't far behind.

I've shared this information today because it adds even more weight to the theory that sleep deprivation harms our natural ability to regulate our emotions.

It really is time for us to take insomnia more seriously - whoever it targets.

Source: SLEEP

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