Meditation as an insomnia cure

by Martin Reed on 27 April 2010 in insomnia cures

We recently read an excerpt of the upcoming book, 'Wide Awake: A Memoir of Insomnia' over at Marie Claire and we have to say it looks like an interesting read.

What really caught our attention was how the author went through the lengthy process of trying to cure her insomnia only to find that everything she tried either didn't work or came with side-effects she didn't want to live with on a long term basis.

In the end, Patricia Morrisroe (the author of the book) gave meditation a try. After an initial struggle to really focus on the act of meditation, she now meditates every evening and reports that she now sleeps more than seven hours per night - not bad for an insomnia cure that wasn't even mentioned by her doctor.

Perhaps techniques such as meditation and yoga should be tried before prescription medication. Even if they aren't, we feel that they should at least be suggested and seriously considered by insomnia sufferers.

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