An insomnia poem written by a member of Insomnia Land: Oh, Mr Sandman

by Martin Reed on 9 March 2012 in insomnia information

Insomniacs tend to be a creative bunch - and members of our sleep deprivation forums are no different.

Today we want to share a poem written by one of our members entitled, 'Oh, Mr Sandman':

To a person who sleeps,
It is hard to explain,
The effect that no sleep has on my brain.

My head feels congested,
My eyes fill with tears.
A constant buzzing rings deep in my ears.
My limbs feel so weak.
No words, can't be bothered to speak.

Hot soaks, Camomille tea, meditation to set my thoughts free.
But still sleep is eluding me.
Staring into the dark still wide awake.
Silent night taunting 'til the day break.

Mr Sandman, please bring me a dream.
A dream every night that I am asleep.

[Thanks, Silent Night]

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