Relaxation drinks continue to pretend they’ll cure your insomnia

by Martin Reed on 4 April 2011 in insomnia cures,insomnia information

About a year ago we wrote about the explosion of relaxation drinks (and their associated health risks). Now, it looks like the mainstream media is catching on.

There are an increasing number of relaxation drinks on the market today - brands include iChill, Dream Water and Unwind. These drinks justify their claims of helping you sleep by including ingredients such as melatonin, valerian root, chamomile and tryptophan.

Here's the problem, though - nobody has ever studied the effectiveness of valerian against Ambien. The FDA states that melatonin is not an approved food additive, and is not generally recognized as safe.

Something to bear in mind when you consider that 40 new relaxation drinks came onto the market in 2010 alone.

Source: The Washington Post

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