Relaxation drinks for insomnia come with their own health risks

by Martin Reed on 11 February 2010 in insomnia cures,insomnia information

Way back in November 2009 I wrote about a soda that claimed it could relieve your insomnia. Well, now it seems there is a new 'anti-energy' drink on the market. 'Drank' is a relaxation drink that has been referred to as 'liquid pot' or 'weed in a can'. Its makers claim that it is 'all natural' - containing a blend of melatonin (which the FDA has not approved for use as a food additive), valerian root and rose hips.

However, one doctor has labelled the drink as, 'a little bit frightening'. In addition to being packed with sugar, rose hips and valerian root come with potential side effects of headaches and nausea. Valerian root may cause liver damage if taken on a long term basis.

You can read more about this new drink here. This should serve as another reminder that even products marketed as 'natural' may come with side effects.

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