Some good news for those who take Ambien for their insomnia

by Martin Reed on 15 March 2012 in insomnia cures

A new study has found that those who suffer from primary insomnia (insomnia that is not a symptom of another condition) are unlikely to need higher doses of Ambien over time.

The 12 month study wanted to determine whether Ambien was more effective at treating insomnia than a placebo and if taking the drug over an extended period of time led to dose escalation.

During the first two nights, 33 participants were given the placebo on one night and Ambien (known generically as zolpidem) on the other. They were then allowed to choose which they preferred and could decide whether to take one, two or three pills. This was repeated each week for three weeks during months one, four and twelve of the study.

Researchers found that Ambien was chosen 80% of the time, suggesting it's more effective than a placebo at relieving insomnia. Additionally, participants didn't choose higher doses as the study went on - this suggests that those who take Ambien remain sensitive to the effects of the drug over the course of a year.

Good news for insomniacs taking this type of sleeping pill, then - this small study appears to confirm its effectiveness and suggests that the same dose can be effective over a longer period of time.

Source: Sleep

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