Soy isn’t an effective insomnia cure for menopausal women

by Martin Reed on 27 October 2011 in insomnia cures,insomnia information

Insomnia is a known symptom of menopause. A year ago we reported on a study published in the journal Menopause that found soy could boost sleep efficiency and relieve insomnia in menopausal women since it contains estrogen-like compounds.

However, a new study has recently been published that found soy to be no more effective at treating menopause symptoms than a placebo.

In the newer study, researchers selected 248 women aged between 45 and 60. Half of the participants were given 200mg of soy isoflavones each day and the other half were given a placebo. After two years, researchers tested the participants for menopausal symptoms. They found that those who took the soy isoflavones had consumed almost 20 times as much soy as those on the placebo, yet there was no improvement when it came to insomnia, night sweats, bone density, loss of libido or vaginal dryness.

In fact, the only difference researchers saw was that those taking the soy supplements were more likely to suffer from constipation, hot flashes and bloating.

It looks as though soy may not be the miracle insomnia cure for menopausal women we once thought it could be. Perhaps valerian will end up stealing soy's crown as the supplement of choice for older women suffering from a lack of sleep.

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Source: Archives of Internal Medicine

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Sahara October 27, 2011 at 5:54 pm

hmm, I HAVE found that soy works. At least for night sweats and hot flashes and it has kept things ‘regular’ no problem with constipation. I drink at least 1 cup of soy milk each day. not sure what the soy isoflavones count would be, but it works for me. I notice a difference if I have gone a day or two without.


Martin Reed November 22, 2011 at 5:02 pm

Thanks for sharing. Your experience just goes to show that insomnia affects all of us differently and therefore, so do insomnia treatments.

We have forum members who drink coffee to help them sleep!


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