The 6 social and economic causes of insomnia

by Martin Reed on 14 December 2012 in insomnia causes

A Finnish study recently set out to determine the factors that are most likely to cause insomnia.

The study did this by taking data from a 2000 health survey. The data was collected from over 5,000 Finns aged between 30 and 79.

Researchers discovered that women were more likely to suffer from insomnia compared to men (14% vs 10%).

The study also revealed that the following six factors were most likely to put individuals at higher risk of suffering from insomnia related symptoms:

  • Being single
  • Not having children
  • Low education
  • Low income
  • Unemployment
  • Being a disabled retiree

Of course, this was only one (small) study. Yet it's interesting to see another link between sleep problems and what researchers call a 'disadvantaged socioeconomic position'.

Source: BMC Public Health

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