The easy insomnia cure you’ll probably never try

by Martin Reed on 14 June 2013 in insomnia causes,insomnia cures

Unfortunately, most insomnia sufferers will ignore this basic advice. It's worth listening to, though.

It may not cure your insomnia, but it will undoubtedly improve your sleep health.

Switch off your TV. Switch off your cell phone. Remove all electronics from the bedroom and don't use them before bed.

A Taiwanese study found that 43% of insomnia sufferers watch TV in bed and around a third use their smartphones when they have difficulty sleeping.

If those distractions aren't around, I'm sure we'd see dramatic improvements in the sleep health of everyone.

Spend half an hour before going to bed relaxing (without the TV or other gadgets) and you'll soon see your sleep improve.

Source: Focus Taiwan

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