The effect of video games on teenage insomnia

by Martin Reed on 21 April 2010 in insomnia causes,insomnia information

We've written before about the importance of sleep for teenagers and the risks associated with teenage sleep deprivation. We've even suggested that texting may be partly to blame. So what about that other popular teenage past time - video games?

The Times of India reports on a new study which found that after playing a 'stimulating' video game, it took teenagers an average of seven and a half minutes to fall asleep. After watching a documentary, it took an average of three minutes for a teenager to fall asleep - meaning the video gameĀ  resulted in the time to fall asleep increasing by only five minutes or so; hardly a big deal.

However, when taken proportionately it does mean that teenagers who played a video game before bed took almost twice as long to fall asleep as those who watched a documentary.

It all comes down to how you read the numbers, but it's always good to see research that investigates the potential causes of insomnia.

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