The link between insomnia and resistant hypertension

by Martin Reed on 15 October 2012 in insomnia information

We already know that there's a link between insomnia and high blood pressure.

Now a study has found that those who already suffer from high blood pressure are more likely to suffer from resistant hypertension.

This latest research looked at 234 individuals with high blood pressure. Most slept for fewer than six hours and those who also said they experienced poor sleep quality were twice as likely to suffer from a resistant form of high blood pressure than those who slept normally.

Resistant hypertension is classified as a case of high blood pressure that still reads higher than 140/90 when an individual is taking three or more forms of medication aimed at lowering their blood pressure.

It's worth remembering that this study doesn't demonstrate cause and effect - but it does suggest that more research is needed to determine why those with high blood pressure are more likely to experience sleep problems and why poor sleep quality is associated with resistant hypertension.

Source: MedlinePlus

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