Vitamin supplements may be to blame for your insomnia

by Martin Reed on 18 May 2010 in insomnia causes

A recent article from CBS talks about various insomnia causes. They mention pets in bed as a cause of insomnia (we've written about that before) and that alcohol can be a sleep inhibitor as it delays REM sleep.

What really took us by surprise though, was the mention of specific vitamin supplements. We're often writing about the latest studies that recommend certain vitamins and nutrients to help cure your insomnia. This is the first time we've heard that they could be the cause of your insomnia.

Apparently, ginseng and vitamins B6 and B12 can cause difficulty sleeping - particularly if you take them just before bed, or even in the late afternoon. Unfortunately the article doesn't offer any further insight into why these particular vitamin supplements may result in sleeplessness, but it's something to consider if you're trying to work out the root cause of your insomnia.

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