When losing your job causes insomnia

by Martin Reed on 8 November 2011 in insomnia causes,insomnia cures

We try to do things a little differently here at Insomnia Land. Rather than report on the typical insomnia news that's been heard a thousand times before, we prefer to write about the unusual, the unique and the original. There's no point in us wasting time with stuff you've already heard before, and we don't want to waste your time, either.

Initially we weren't going to write about a recent news article linking unemployment and the recession with depression and sleep deprivation; after all, such a link sounds obvious. However, the article in question went on to share information that was a little bit different to the normal run-of-the-mill stuff we plough through on a daily basis.

Professor Patricia Casey, a Dublin psychiatrist, suggests that one reason why those who are unemployed often struggle with sleep is because their days no longer have any structure. This often leads to staying up late, which disrupts the sleep/wake cycle. Furthermore, Professor Casey says that her unemployed patients will often watch TV later at night and some even end up addicted to online chat rooms, leading to further sleep disruption. Your odd sleep patterns can also affect family relationships.

If you're unemployed and find that stress and worries are disrupting your sleep, it's a good idea to establish routines - and we don't just mean sleep routines. Put some order back into your days; get out of bed at the same time every day and try to be productive. Make sure every day has a purpose - if need be, take up a new hobby.

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Source: Irish Times

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