You need a lot less sleep than you actually think

by Martin Reed on 28 December 2012 in insomnia information

Insomnia sufferers often find sleep difficult because they spend too much time worrying about sleep.

The bedroom becomes a place to dread. The alarm clock torments. The pressure to quickly fall asleep is crushing.

For these reasons, I often remind insomnia sufferers that getting 8 hours of sleep shouldn't be a rigid goal - in fact, some scientists argue that such a long period of sleep is unnatural.

Today I want to draw your attention to another piece of research that will hopefully put an end to you placing too much pressure on yourself to fall asleep or get a certain amount of sleep.

It would appear that getting as little as 24 minutes of sleep offers clear benefits to the mind and body. The NASA study found that those who took a 24 minute nap saw an increase in cognitive performance.

A number of other studies have found that any form of deep sleep (whether it lasts 8 hours or half an hour) has huge benefits.

Perhaps it's time to do away with the preconceived notion that we all need a certain number of hours of uninterrupted sleep.

All that does it put extra pressure on insomnia sufferers - extra pressure that doesn't seem to be justified.

Quality is what counts - not quantity.

Source: NY Times

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