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Could Brainwave Optimization cure your insomnia?

We already know that biofeedback has the potential to cure insomnia. Now, a new insomnia study is currently evaluating whether a technology called Brainwave Optimization could also help.

The study involves 20 participants with moderate to severe insomnia. Each session involves the participants having electrodes affixed to their scalps which are then connected to a computer that detects the brain waves of various brain lobes. The technology works by reflecting the brain's 'optimal wave patterns' back through musical tones transmitted via stereo ear buds.

One of the participants reported getting less than five hours of sleep each night. He claimed that after just two of the 12 sessions his insomnia had disappeared.

It's worth noting that one person's experience may be different from the rest of the study's participants. That being said, we're following this one closely and hope to report back when the full study is published. In the meantime, you can always give brain music therapy a try as an interim solution.

Source: Winston-Salem Journal

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Last updated: September 9, 2011

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