The forum has moved!

insomnia coach logo

The Insomnia Land website is currently being updated and rebranded.

You can now find the forums at Insomnia Coach — the new name for Insomnia Land. The ownership of Insomnia Land has not changed. I am the sole owner of Insomnia Land and Insomnia Coach. I am simply rebranding Insomnia Land to better reflect the services I provide. The first stage of the rebranding is moving the forums over to their new home.

All forum accounts have been transferred from Insomnia Land to Insomnia Coach. No forum content has been lost.

If you had a forum account at Insomnia Land, you can log into the new forums at Insomnia Coach. You may need to reset your password when you log into Insomnia Coach for the first time.

If you didn't have a forum account at Insomnia Land, you can register for a new forum account at Insomnia Coach.

If you have any questions, please get in touch!

Martin Reed