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Four years of insomnia research helped me create my


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My name is Martin Reed.

I have been researching insomnia since 2009. My research has helped me write over 500 blog posts about insomnia.

My support group for insomniacs has attracted over 300 members who have shared over 5,500 posts about their insomnia.

All of this knowledge has been used to create my free sleep training course.
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Update: January 1, 2013

I'm sorry, you're too late...

Free access to my sleep training course is now over.[CBC show="y" country="us,ca,gb,ie,au,nz"]..

However, there are still a few ways to get "on the inside"...

  • Option 1: $97 paid inclusion. This is a one-off payment. Please contact me for details.
  • Option 2: Purchase one of my own products (coming soon).

There is one other option, too - which is still free.

Get a personal invite from me. Here is how it works.

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If you're accepted, I'll email you a special link to get invitational access to my free sleep training.

This would be a personal invite from me - and would not cost you anything.

Sorry for all the hoops - but it's the only way for me to pre-qualify people that are serious about improving their sleep. I'm not interested in helping people who are not genuine insomnia sufferers.

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Improve your sleep in two weeks: Over 4,000 insomniacs have completed my free insomnia sleep training course and 97% of graduates say they would recommend it to a friend. Learn more here.