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Green light may be influencing your insomnia

We've written before about light therapy (blue light tends to be the bad guy). New research has found that green light could be just as influential when it comes to fighting insomnia.

If you're working on reducing your exposure to blue light in the afternoon and evening then you might not be seeing any results as green light will still be getting through. As stated by one of the authors of this research:

Just protecting yourself from the blue effects doesn't work because the green is also able to reset the [body] clock.

The authors plan on assessing the impact of red light on our circadian rhythms next. The director of Stanford University's Center for Human Sleep Research predicts that the full spectrum of light may affect our body clocks - not just one or two specific colors.

In conclusion, be wary of any products that claim they can cure your insomnia by blocking certain light - otherwise you'll probably end up wasting your money.

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Last updated: June 1, 2010

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