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How much sleep do you need to cut down those sick days?

I've already written about why insomnia costs employers money (mainly due to an increase in mistakes and workplace injuries).

Now it would appear that insomnia could be hitting the pockets of employees, too.

A Finnish study found that those who aren't getting the typically recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night miss more work days due to sickness compared to healthy sleepers.

Researchers looked at data involving over 3,500 individuals over the age of 30.

Those who reported frequent insomnia symptoms took more than 10 days off sick per year compared to roughly 5 days for those who never (or rarely) experienced insomnia.

In case you're wondering what the optimal sleep duration is for minimizing those sick days, researchers determined it to be 7.6 hours for women and 7.8 hours for men.

The researchers even went so far as to conclude that if we were able to eliminate insomnia and other sleep disturbances from the work force, the total cost of worker sick days would fall by 28%.

Yet, insomnia is still all-too-often ignored, or insomnia sufferers are handed out sleeping pills and told to 'get on with it'.

That needs to change.

Source: SLEEP

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Last updated: November 18, 2014

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