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How to treat menopausal insomnia

One of the most unpleasant effects of menopause is insomnia - you lie awake for hours even if you have never had trouble sleeping before.

More than 60% of women going through menopause experience insomnia - so you certainly aren't alone.

Menopausal insomnia is thought to be caused by hormone imbalances.

This also leads to a range of secondary symptoms such as anxiety, stress and hot flashes which are often the main causes of menopausal insomnia.

It's best to avoid taking sleeping pills to treat this type of insomnia - instead, it's best handled by targeting the menopause itself.

I recently came across a product called MellowPause from a US herbal site and have heard good things about the natural remedy - particularly when it comes to insomnia and sleep deprivation associated with menopause.

Here are a couple of testimonials from other women:

I started taking it, with no results the first few days--I expected as much--then, bam! I slept all night. I love this stuff! Be patient for the first few days, it's great stuff.

This product took about 2 weeks before seeing any effects, but now with daily use it works GREAT! No more hot flashes. I recently traveled for one week and did not take MellowPause with me and the hot flashes came right back. Once home, I got right back on Mellow Pause and within 2-3 days no more hot flashes again. I highly recommend MellowPause.

Additional treatment options include valerian, and even Yoga.

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Last updated: March 14, 2013

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