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Over 60? Sleep less if you want to cure your insomnia!

I love sharing the more original insomnia related articles I come across.

This one from the Telegraph says that although those over 60 are the most likely to complain of insomnia, they should actually be sleeping less.

Apparently, people in their 60s need almost an hour less sleep per night than people in their 20s. Seniors tend to feel less sleepy during the day than people in their 20s, too. Therefore, if you're in your 60s and find it difficult to get to sleep, the article says that you should have a later bedtime.

This all sounds pretty obvious to me (go to bed later if you aren't tired) - but the finding that those over 60 need less sleep than those in their 20s did intrigue me.

Apparently it's down to hormonal changes. The article wasn't entirely convincing, but it's interesting nonetheless.

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Last updated: April 9, 2013

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