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Relaxation brownies are now even more ineffective at treating your insomnia

Remember when we told you back in April that relaxation brownies are probably best avoided? Well, it turns out that some city officials agree.

Mayors in two Massachusetts cities want to ban Lazy Cake brownies due to the (apparently) child-friendly packaging.

Furthermore, in May of this year the Arkansas Department of Health effectively banned the sale of Lazy Cakes by issuing a recall of the product due to concerns over melatonin levels.

It looks as though the product will soon be back on the shelves in Arkansas, though - now the packaging has been redesigned and the level of melatonin in the brownie has been cut in half.

The Lazy Cake (also known as Lazy Larry) is starting to sound more and more like a marketing gimmick and less of a real insomnia solution, isn't it?

Source: LA Times & The Arkansas Project

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Last updated: July 14, 2011

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