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My name is Martin Reed.

  • I was an insomnia sufferer just like you.
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Real feedback and testimonials:

Peter A: "I am definitely progressing in my quest to taper completely off drugs ... the sleep training has been a significant contributor to this process."

Holly J: "This course really helped me quell my insomnia. I was only sleeping maybe 4 or 5 hours sometimes less before I had to take a sedative. Then I would wake up groggy. Ugh! [Now] I am sleeping regularly 6-7 hours before I work and 8-9 hours when I'm not working."

George O: "The sleep trainning has helped me a lot. Thank you very much for taking the time to teach me how to cure my insomnia."

Peter D: "I have really enjoyed and learned from Martin's multi-disciplinary, multi-frontal approach to treating insomnia."

Sharon C: "I am now off all prescription/narcotic sleep medications... I would recommend this course to anyone with sleep difficulty."

Sandra G: "Thank you, Martin. You have given me a much more relaxed attitude toward my potential sleepless times. You have written the e-mails in such an understanding, personal manner that they are comforting. There were several tips that have proved helpful. I will definitely recommend it to others."

Joan D: "I appreciate the friendly, understanding advice. The sleep training has been so effective, I sleep well every night. I would certainly recommend this program to others."

Cathy A: "The sleep training program has allowed me to sleep without taking prescription sleep aids. It taught me how to change the way I had unsuccessfully attempted to put myself to sleep for many years. Thanks to this program and a lot of discipline following it, my health and happiness have returned because I sleep now."

David G: "Martin's sleep training helps you think about your sleep in a new and different way. I strongly encourage giving it a try and see if he can help bring you the restful nights you deserve."

Ted A: "I cannot recommend Martin's sleep programme highly enough . . . if it helped me, I am sure it can help you and even if it doesn't cure your insomnia, it will most definitely give you coping strategies for those awful awake sessions in the early hours."

Karen N: "If someone is having sleep issues, I would definitely suggest the program before trying anything else, especially medications."

Gillian A: "Great advice on techniques to improve sleep. Up to date information on latest research. A must for all insomniacs. Thanks Martin."

Zohar G: "I always avoid writing testimonials but this seemed important. I have really felt the generous presence of Martin Reed through the sleep training... I don't think of myself as an insomniac anymore."

Karen G: "This training was very helpful to me to help me realize and recognize the things and habits that I had that kept me from sleeping. If you practice the things that Martin Reed teaches you, you will be able to have the ability to sleep."

Jodi Y: "Anyone having sleep problems should take this course. It's been life changing for me. I sleep better than ever. What is sad is all the years I went through suffering with no sleep. I had the wrong attitude and many bad habits that I was able to correct through this training. I am very thankful to Martin Reed."

Jessica G: "This sleep training provided me with some excellent tips and I would definitely recommend it to others. I really appreciated the reassurances each lesson gave and I will always be grateful for Martin Reed and his tough yet compassionate training."

Brayan A: "I think sleep training would be beneficial to all out there who believe they suffer from insomnia, have trouble sleeping regularly, or just happen to keep waking hours after going to sleep. I came across Insomnia Land doing the same thing you guys are doing, Googling tips on how to get to sleep. I stumbled onto this site to see what it was about and it's full of insomniacs getting together, giving advice, telling their experiences and you get to enroll in the free sleep training course. I was skeptical too at first but thought why not, so I sign up and through a period of 2 weeks you'll receive emails that essentially teach you better sleep habits. I still use many of the techniques I learned and incorporate them nightly when I sleep and I've slept better since to tell you the truth. I already recommend this site and the sleep training programs to my friends with sleep problems as it is I suggest you give it a try yourself. You've got literally nothing to lose....but more sleep."

Gillian Y: "I cannot thank you enough for the information and the advice that I have received from the sleep training programme."

Daniel F: "I really liked the easy to read format, the sleep hygene advice, and Martin's desire to help us . I am currently on half the meds I was taking and I am gaining confidence in becoming a good sleeper. I have recommended this site to others and will continue."

Kate A: "Loaded with information and structured help. Nobody is out to profit from this series of emails. And you don't feel so alone. I would think that this training would work for most everybody, and I would say you have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

Mary A: "Sleeping had always been a stressful thing for me, I always end up wide awake and trying to fall asleep only to find out I am extremely tired when I wake up. This sleep training program helped me to develop some new perspectives and attitude towards sleeping. I hope you will continue this as you are helping insomniacs. This is a very stressing thing not able to sleep well so I am grateful some people understand this and help people like me by sending emails everyday, it makes us feel empowered! Again thank you and God bless!"

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