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The link between insomnia and allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is an allergic inflammation of the nasal passage. Symptoms typically occur when you breathe in something you're allergic to - usually pollen (in cases of hay fever), dust, dander and other allergens.

A French study involving over 1,000 individuals found that those who had been suffering with allergic rhinitis for at least a year were more likely to suffer from insomnia and other sleep disturbances compared to healthy individuals.

Those with allergic rhinitis were more likely to snore, woke more frequently during the night, took longer to fall asleep, slept for fewer hours and reported higher levels of daytime sleepiness.

591 individuals in the study suffered from allergic rhinitis. A staggering 41.6% reported difficulty falling asleep, 63.2% felt as though they weren't getting enough sleep and 35.8% reported suffering from insomnia.

In the control group of healthy individuals, these numbers fell to 18.3%, 25.4% and 16% respectively.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, researchers found that the more severe the allergic rhinitis, the more an individual's sleep suffered. Those with allergic rhinitis also consumed significantly more alcohol and sedatives.

This study provides us with yet another reason why it is time for doctors to start routinely asking their patients about sleep.

Source: PubMed

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Last updated: November 5, 2013

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