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The most serious consequences of insomnia

In the three-and-a-half-years I've been writing insomnia related blog posts, I've covered the consequences of insomnia a number of times. Many of them are extremely serious and outright dangerous.

Rather than having them dispersed throughout the blog, I thought I'd condense many of them down into one blog post.

Short-term sleep deprivation can lead to headaches, slower reaction times, aches, pains, compromised decision making and shorter attention spans.

Long-term sleep deprivation associated with insomnia can result in hypertension, weight gain, diabetes and a compromised immune system. These conditions can then lead to complications such as stroke, heart failure, kidney disease and even death.

Those taking sleeping pills have been found to have a higher risk of death than those not taking medication for insomnia and the side-effects of these drugs has been linked with impaired driving and even cancer.

It's clear that insomnia is an extremely serious condition. So why is it still not being taking seriously?

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Last updated: June 4, 2013

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