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These hotels and resorts want to improve your sleep

Just in case you're planning a last minute getaway for the Easter weekend, we thought we'd offer some inspiration - with a twist. All the places listed below specialize in filling your vacation full of blissful sleep. At a price premium, naturally!

Sleep Destination: USA

Canyon Ranch, Tuscon offers a course to teach you how to improve your sleep. The course includes techniques such as 'pillow posture', nutrition, self-hypnosis, meditation and yoga. Cost: Approximately $6,000 per person for seven nights.

Sleep Destination: London

The Milestone Hotel offers a 'Sleep Experience Package' that includes a one hour consultation with a sleep expert and a 90 minute massage. Cost: $775+ per person.

Sleep Destination: Switzerland

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers an entire medical center to film and analyze your sleeping patterns. Cost: $3,500+.

Sleep Destination: Paris

Hotel Gabriel Paris Marais offers a NightCove that emits soothing sounds and 'melatonin producing light'. Cost: $180+.

For those with a less extravagant budget, Zen Bar A Sieste offers 15 minutes sessions on a massage bed or zero gravity chair with mood lighting and soothing music. Cost: $15.

Bon vacances!

Source: Guardian

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Last updated: April 6, 2012

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