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What to listen to when you’re suffering from insomnia

Bach's Goldberg Variations are a musical masterpiece.

The variations were written for the harpsichord, and it has been suggested that they were originally composed specifically to cure insomnia.

The story goes that a former Russian ambassador, Count Kaiserling, suffered from insomnia. The Count would travel with musician Johann Gottlieb Goldberg in order to receive musical instruction from Bach.

Apparently, Goldberg would play for the Count when he suffered from bouts of insomnia. Bach learnt that the Count wanted Goldberg to play specific music to help relieve his insomnia and consequently composed the Goldberg Variations.

So now you know - the best musical instrument when it comes to curing insomnia is the harpsichord, and the best piece of music to listen to (if you're a Russian Count at least) is the Goldberg Variations.

Source: Wikipedia

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Last updated: December 4, 2012

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