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3 drug-free insomnia remedies put to the (scientific) test

Researchers from the University of California in Los Angeles recently set out to determine which natural insomnia remedy was more effective at treating insomnia; cognitive behavioral therapy, Tai Chi (a Chinese martial art) or sleep seminar education.

123 older adults with chronic and primary insomnia were divided into 3 groups.

Those in the cognitive behavioral therapy group showed the best improvements in terms of remission of clinical insomnia (as determined by a doctor), sleep quality, fatigue and depressive symptoms.

In second place was the Tai Chi group, who also saw improvements in their insomnia symptoms - but not insomnia remission.

The sleep seminar education group came last. No improvements were seen in that group (probably due to the lack of feedback and support).

The findings of this study appear to confirm what I've been saying for many years now; cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia is usually the most effective treatment for insomnia.

The reason for this? CBT addresses (and deals with) the root cause of insomnia - it doesn't simply mask the symptoms like most sleeping pills attempt to do.

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Last updated: February 5, 2015

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