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55% of insomniacs cured their insomnia by getting out of bed

Back in April 2010 we wrote that if you're having trouble getting to sleep you should get out of bed. The reasoning was that lying in bed trying to force yourself to sleep is counterproductive and actually makes sleep more difficult. A new study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine appears to back us up on this.

In a study of 79 insomniacs, 39 received behavioral therapy that included interventions such as reducing the amount of time spent in bed, getting up at the same time each day regardless of how long they slept, not going to bed unless they felt sleepy and not staying in bed unless they were asleep.

After four weeks, the 39 participants who received the behavioral therapy were more likely to show sleep improvements than the others. Indeed, just over half of them no longer met the criteria for insomnia.

Not bad when you consider that the behavioral therapy involved nothing more than a 45-60 minute counseling session, a 30 minute follow-up session and two 20 minute phone calls from a nurse practitioner.

Source: TIME Healthland

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Last updated: February 23, 2011

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