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An insomnia cure for lung cancer survivors?

Insomnia is already prevalent amongst cancer patients, with many links being made between insomnia and cancer.

More recently, researchers have sought to address the prevalence of insomnia amongst lung cancer survivors.

Apparently, anywhere from half to as many as 80% of those diagnosed with lung cancer experience severe symptoms of insomnia - and these symptoms typically last for 8 years after the initial diagnosis.

It's thought that this prevalence of insomnia is down to habits and conditions that often lead to lung cancer (such as smoking and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), as well as the treatments required to combat the lung cancer (such as radiotherapy or even partial lung removal).

Researchers believe that cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia can significantly relieve insomnia symptoms in lung cancer patients - and a clinical trial is currently underway and will be running through to August 2015.

Preliminary results are positive, with sleep restriction therapy and stimulus control being the two components of CBT for insomnia that are proving to be the most effective.

I'll report back when the study comes to a close.

Source: University at Buffalo

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Last updated: January 23, 2014

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