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Are you a self-fulfilling insomniac?

Insomnia is often a vicious cycle.

You go through a patch of bad sleep, so you start to worry about your sleep.

The more you worry, the harder it is to sleep.

The harder it is for you to sleep, the more you worry.

This experience is all too common; most insomnia sufferers can identify with this cycle.

The problem is, we have pre-conveived notions about what 'good sleep' really is.

We think that unless we get 8 hours every night, we're not getting enough sleep.

We think that unless we sleep through the entire night without interruption, we're not getting enough quality sleep.

Sleep is a mysterious thing.

Just as we are all unique individuals, our sleep patterns are unique, too.

'Natural' sleep is actually a mixture of deep sleep, light sleep, and short periods of being awake.

Healthy sleepers (who don't worry about their sleep) will often wake during the night without even realizing it.

Unfortunately, for the anxiety-ridden insomnia sufferer who keeps their brain alert throughout the night with worry, these periods are pronounced and last far longer than normal.

Healthy sleep doesn't have to be 'perfect' sleep.

Take the stress and worry out of sleep. Go to bed without any expectations. Just relax, and rest.

What happens, happens.

You don't need to be perfect every single night.

Nobody is.

Follow this advice, take the stress out of sleep and see what happens.

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Last updated: August 12, 2013

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