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Are you an athlete struggling with insomnia?

Exercise is one of the best natural insomnia remedies - yet many athletes find they struggle with sleep.

One theory has now been put forward as to why this may be the case: energy drinks.

Although I've written about the negative effects of energy drinks on teenagers before, a new study suggests that energy drinks can negatively affect adults (and athletes in particular), too.

This is particularly concerning when you consider that it's thought as many as 50% of athletes consume energy drinks during training and before competitions.

The 4 year study out of Camilo José Cela University involved footballers, climbers, swimmers, basketball, rugby, volleyball, tennis and hockey players.

Athletes enjoyed an increase in their sporting performance of between 3% and 7% when they consumed an energy drink 1 hour before training.

Unfortunately, they also experienced a higher prevalence of insomnia, nervousness and activeness, too.

Interestingly, researchers concluded that energy drinks did not typically provide more energy than other soft drinks - the 'energizing' effect came solely from the stimulation provided by caffeine.

Source: British Journal of Nutrition

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Last updated: November 20, 2014

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