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Blame being left-handed for your lack of sleep

We came across an interesting snippet of information in our research today; apparently, if you're left-handed you're more likely to suffer from periodic limb movement disorder - a sleep disorder that's closely related to restless leg syndrome.

Unfortunately, the study doesn't explain why those who are left-handed seem to be more likely to suffer from periodic limb movement disorder (we'd hazard a guess that it's something to do with the way our brains are wired) but the results were stark; 94% of left-handed patients in the study had bilateral limb movements compared to 69% of right-handed patients.

Not only do left-handed people get their own stores, it looks like they also get their own sleep disorders, too.

Source: Chest Journal

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Last updated: December 6, 2011

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Martin Reed

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  • A. Marina Fournier
    December 10, 2011, 5:36 am

    I have yet to find left-handed power tools, or woodworker’s tools.
    I think I had a bit of restless leg before I started my long term anti-depressant/mood stabilizer use, but RLS can be a side effect of some psych meds, that if not halted, can lead to tardive kinasthesia, which cannot be reversed. Much less likely in the newer generation of meds, though.