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Could a Sleep Retreat help cure your insomnia?

Like many couples, Flic Everett and husband Simon Buckley had to sleep in separate beds due to Flic's insomnia and Simon's snoring.

The move didn't help Flic's insomnia, so the couple decided to attend a Sleep Retreat run by Dr Guy Meadows, the founder of the London Insomnia Clinic.

At the Sleep Retreat, Dr Meadows encouraged attendees to accept their insomnia - to stop trying to fight it or control it. He told attendees that sleep routines may work in the short term, but they're not a long term solution.

Attendees were told to focus on the here and now - not on their worries, thoughts and fears. Apparently, when worries pop into our heads, we should accept them - even welcome them - and then let them leave naturally.

The Sleep Retreat appears to have helped Flic and Simon (at least in the short term) - however, it seems that the key takeaway from the retreat is that you can only truly beat your insomnia by accepting your insomnia.

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Last updated: November 18, 2010

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