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Cure your insomnia by imagining you’re in front of Simon Cowell

According to a new book, Mind Eddies are preventing you from sleeping. What's a Mind Eddy, you ask? Apparently, they are, "... thoughts and stories that spin and spin". So, how do you stop these Mind Eddies? One of the suggestions:

Sing. Singing disrupts the internal auditory channel, since the average person can handle only one sound track at a time. Try a song from childhood, an Ella Fitzgerald standard, a Christmas carol. If you’re concerned about disturbing a partner, whisper the song.

So there you have it - if your mind is too active at night, break out in song and enjoy a good night's sleep. Just have a cover story prepared in case your partner catches you whispering the lyrics to 'Firestarter' at 3am.

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Last updated: April 30, 2010

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