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Cure your insomnia by losing that belly fat!

I've already written about the links between insomnia, heart health and body weight.

Now a study has found that tackling excessive belly fat will improve the quality of your sleep.

This latest research looked at 77 overweight individuals over the course of six months.

Participants were divided into two groups - one group was made to follow a diet, and the other was put on a diet with supervised exercise.

As you may expect, both groups lost weight - the average weight loss was 15 lb.

Perhaps surprisingly, there were no real differences between the groups when it came to weight loss or reduction in belly fat.

However, what researchers did discover was that both groups saw a significant improvement in the quality of their sleep - the average sleep quality score improved 20% amongst those who reduced their BMI and abdominal subcutaneous fat (belly fat).

Source: Johns Hopkins

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Last updated: January 15, 2013

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