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Do phone masts cause insomnia?

An article about an 'iBurst tower' causing insomnia in South Africa got our attention recently. Residents that live close to the mast claim it has resulted in health problems, including insomnia.

We already know about the controversy of mobile phone masts - some people have been claiming they lead to clusters of ill-health in local residents for years - although (to our knowledge) there have been no definite court rulings confirming such dangers (please correct us if we're wrong).

However, this got us searching the internet for more information. We found a number of cases of people complaining that mobile phone masts were disrupting their sleep and bringing on insomnia - so we wonder whether this could be an influencing factor. We'd like your input on this - are you an insomniac who lives close to mobile phone masts? Do you think there is anything in these claims? Our comments form is open just below this post, as usual.

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Last updated: April 30, 2010

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