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Doctors need more insomnia training

According to a new report, even though over 3 million people in the UK meet the diagnostic criteria for insomnia, most do not seek medical advice and doctors often aren't prepared to identify and address the problem.

The study from Datamonitor found that more than half of insomniacs didn't seek treatment due to the perception that insomnia is only a trivial problem.

Doctors tend to avoid discussing sleep problems due to time constraints. A senior healthcare analyst at Datamonitor argues that there needs to be an improvement in insomnia recognition, diagnosis and treatment and that there needs to be improved physician training for insomnia.

This all sounds very familiar. My insomnia help forums are full of insomniacs who feel that they're often brushed off by their doctors and that their condition is not understood or taken seriously enough.

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Last updated: September 11, 2013

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