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Does insomnia make your brain function differently?

Your brain has a strong influence on your sleep - and now a new study suggests that those who claim to have insomnia show differences in brain function compared to healthy sleepers.

The study in question looked at 25 people who reported suffering from insomnia and 25 people who claimed to be healthy sleepers. All participants underwent progressively more difficult memory tests whilst MRI scans were carried out.

Researchers found that those who reported insomnia didn't turn off mind wandering brain regions or properly turn on brain regions essential to a working memory task.

In other words, those who said they suffered from sleep deprivation struggled to concentrate as well as those who reported healthy sleep.

Here's the wildcard, though - the sleep quality of all participants was similar, even though half reported suffering from insomnia.

Some experts have suggested that how our brains are wired may affect our perceptions of sleep quality.

Hopefully we'll see more research in this area undertaken in the near future.

Source: Sleep

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Last updated: September 4, 2013

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