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Does social anxiety lead to insomnia?

We already know there's a link between sleep disturbance and anxiety - and, since one of the most prevalent forms of anxiety is social anxiety, it makes sense that these individuals may have the highest rates of insomnia.

I recently came across a study that looked to investigate this relationship. 

Researchers measured 176 participants using the Social Interaction Anxiety Scale and the Insomnia Severity Index. They found that those with social anxiety were indeed more likely to experience symptoms of insomnia.

More specifically, those with social anxiety were found to have higher levels of sleep dissatisfaction, were more likely to be impaired due to sleep deprivation, worry about sleep and have others identify them as having sleep problems.

Researchers also looked at the role depression had in the lives of participants and found it played a definite part in the relationship between social anxiety and insomnia.

Still no confirmation of cause and effect, but it would appear that there is a very real link between the two conditions - especially when depression is involved.

Source: PubMed

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Last updated: April 7, 2015

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