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Escape to Sleep sleep tonic review

We’re happy to review products that claim to relieve insomnia – however, we always pass the opportunity to members of our sleep deprivation forums. That way, the most important people (our members) enjoy the benefits of trying new products and our readers get unbiased reviews.

This review comes courtesy of Insomnia Land member, Brittany.

UPDATE Feb 4, 2012: Scroll down for an additional review from another Insomnia Land member.

Review #1

Disclosure: We were provided with a free sample of the Escape to Sleep sleep tonic for the purposes of this review. The vendor also has a Facebook page.

This sleep tonic has lots of herbs in it. I've tried herbal sleeping pills and they did nothing for me. Though this mixture seems to have more of a real effect on me than anything I've tried in the past, including prescription sleep aids. It does make me quite tired and I end up yawning a lot until I do fall asleep.

I had the chance to test this out for 5 nights. Probably two of the five nights I actually got to sleep relatively soon after drinking it. I would have loved for it to work every time I took it but I'm not sensitive to most sleep aids. But those two nights I did get to sleep I was very happy about it. It does calm me down some as my brain has a tendency to be hyper and always "on" which makes it hard for me to go to sleep. Since it makes me so tired I can see how it might help other insomniacs. Usually sleep aids don't ever make me tired. Though they should!

I usually took it around 1 or 2am once I realized I wasn't going to be able to get to sleep on my own. I just poured the tonic into a paper cup and drank it quickly.

I did not feel groggy or anything when I woke up after taking it. I was surprised. I felt well rested.

I recommend this product as an avenue for those with insomnia. It works quickly and tastes fine. It is sweetened with Stevia. It doesn't leave a bad aftertaste as I thought it would (just because it's herbal). The taste is pretty mild and kind of reminds me of taking a shot of alcohol because of some light flavor in it which reminds me of a fruity kind of mild odd taste. I couldn't pinpoint it. No big deal, it doesn't taste bad. There is no alcohol in this product.

Even though (for me) it didn't work 3 out of 5 times I would still recommend this for other people who maybe have tried other products or behavioral techniques without success. Try to take it on an empty stomach, it seems to work faster that way.

Review #2

I wanted to give this tonic a fair shake, so I tried to wait for a less-stressful time to try it out. Unfortunately, the same day my samples arrived, they also stuck an auction notice on my front door! (I'm going through the whole foreclosure crisis facing many Americans...boring, but important to this story.) My house is to be auctioned off from under me come Feb. 15th, was KINDA hard to relax enough to get accurate results from this, or any other sleep meds (I have very begrudgingly come to accept that my insomnia is stress/anxiety-caused and not due to to anything physically wrong with me).

That being said...I actually slept PRETTY DAMN WELL, considering!

My normal sleep m.o. involves eating a medical marijuana cookie before bed, then taking one or two hits from a pipe when I wake in the middle of the night. But because of my stress levels these past few weeks, even THAT doesn't always work.

I'm pleased to report, however, that with the added benefits of the Escape to Sleep Tonic, I actually got a decent amount of quality sleep -- enough to get me through this trying period, for which I am very grateful!

The Escape to Sleep Tonic comes in little bottles, like drinking one of those mini airplane bottles of booze. You swig it before bed, and the taste is delicate floral/fruity, with a very slight diet aftertaste. Sort of like a very watered-down sugar-free cranberry/apple juice cocktail.

The ingredients lists reveals the usual all-natural suspects: valerian, skullcap, hops, passion flower, aloe vera (plus Stevia for sweetener). I have tried similar formulations before, with no discernible I was extremely skeptical that this one would be different.

Bottom line: I realize that to get truly accurate results, I should have cut out the medical marijuana and just tried the tonic alone. But with all this craziness going on in my life, I need to be more or less I couldn't risk not sleeping at all. I hedged my bet, but as mentioned I do still feel like I noticed the tonic having an added effect. There have been many nights when the medical mj didn't work for me, so I know it's not foolproof. And since these past couple weeks were my most stressful time in recent memory, I would think the marijuana wouldn't have worked on its own. I attribute part of the fact that I WAS able to sleep to the Escape to Sleep Tonic.

So...I recommend trying it!

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Last updated: February 14, 2012

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  • Geraldine O'Keefe
    February 15, 2012, 9:16 am


    Thank you so much for trying Escape to Sleep. I originally created this herbal blend to help me get through sleepless nights due to hormonal and menopausal symptoms. As an herbalist, I would mix up the nasty tasting herbs and slug them down with water in the middle of the night. I decided to make it taste good and share the gift with the world. I used organic aloe vera water to help bring the herbs to the cellular level quicker and for its many medicinal benefits. I am so happy to hear that Escape to Sleep has helped these people. I hope it works for many others. Sleep Well, Live Longer! Geraldine